Tiger Cubs Senior Cub Scout Camp – September 2021

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 Author: Scout Websites

Tiger Cubs Senior Cub Scout Camp: 11 & 12 September 2021

Finally after COVID restrictions we held our post COVID Senior Camp at Beacon Hill Scout Campsite in Colgate.

Firstly about about the site, I must say what a beautiful woodland site it is, clean and tidy with designated camping areas looked after by the different groups in Horsham Scouts. The new toilet and showering facilities are excellent with hot water!

This was quite a small camp by previous Senior camps, we had 6 Cubs and 3 leaders with other leader/members of 2nd Ifield popping in to help out. The camp is designed to instruct the older Cubs going up to Scouts on skills they will need to use during their time in Scouting so that it is less of a shock.

Cubs attending: Charlotte, Noella, Philip, Charlie and 2 Scouts Jack and Oliver.

Leaders: Raksha (Nicole Le Monnier),

Rama ( Richard Oram) and Faroe (Chloe Mayhew).

We set up on Friday night then drove to Stanford campsite on Saturday morning for breakfast with the Beaver Scouts to bring back some of the shared equipment, helping them with their tie-dying whilst we were there.

At 10am we met our Cub Scouts in the carpark at Beacon Hill campsite, with trolleys we ferried their belongings to the Cowfold campsite we had chosen, inviting the parents to come and have a look.

Their first activity was to put up their tents with leaders assistance, the 4 boys were sharing one tent and the 2 girls in the second tent. To make it fair we asked if one of the boys could help the girls put up their tent and during the process found that both tents had a pole missing, so we had to not use the front door at all just the side doors. We left the Cubs to set up their equipment in their tents afterwards.

We followed this with a mini tour of the site so that they could familiarise themselves with where the toilets etc were located. Afterwards they collected wood for the fire using the trolley again. They also all climbed trees ably led by our monkey-cub Noella who walked along boughs in trees as if she was on the ground!

Lunch was make your own filled roll before washing up then going into the afternoon main activities. Our first visitors arrived with Bagheera (Steve Corney) bringing the rest of the equipment to us from the Beaver Camp (he couldn’t join us on camp as he was on call for work).

Skip (Brian Eastman) and Sean Edwards also arrived to assist me with demonstrating how to use Axes, saws and Knives and after a cup of tea/coffee we began; Skip demonstrated Axes instructing the cubs by reducing tree stumps for the fire as well as shortening tree trunks. Sean demonstrated knives by whittling the end of a stick to a point for toasting marshmallows later. I demonstrated bow saws getting the Cubs to saw tree trunks into smaller lengths for the fire. We performed this in a rotation 3 sessions of 2 Cubs, with cups of tea/coffee and cake in between. Chloe assisted with the knives as she had done this before and was new to Senior camp. All the cubs did really well in these activities, I was surprised at their ability and tenacity to saw through some large branches. When I asked, the cubs said they really enjoyed the knife work and sawing but found axe work quite hard going. During this time Rama kept us hydrated and fed on cake whilst prepping for the evening meal.

After thanking Skip and Sean for helping us out, the Cubs cut up chicken, turkey and carrots ready for dinner, then went off to play whilst the fire heated up. Philip happened to have some rope with him and built 2 makeshift swings in the trees over a dried up brook, so the Cubs spent their time swinging back and forth.

After their dinner of BBQ chicken and Turkey, with corn on the cob, baby potatoes roasted in oil and herbs, carrots and peas followed by Camp cones. We washed up afterwards and got ready for our camp fire.

Our evening entertainment was mostly provided by Philip and Oliver getting us all up to sing campfire songs including Akela’s favourite “Crazy Mousse” before all going up to the toilet block to do teeth and toilet before bed.
The boys especially were very noisy and took a long time to settle, but we did have a sleep filled night with no issues, thankfully.

Sunday morning the boys were chatting around 6am and we began emerging from out tents. The Cubs had time before breakfast which we asked them to begin packing away their belongings, for the girls this was not a problem but some of the boys found this more challenging, we asked them to work as a team to help each other pack as when they get to Scouts James will not be helping them! This was confirmed by Oliver who was able to demonstrate how to pack and coached the others.

Following breakfast and washing up we performed a Cubs own with us all thanking God for something in a form of individual prayer. We went into the main activity of pioneering to learn how to make a camp gadget using poles and knots. Most of the Cubs achieved this with the girls completing their pot/wash stand ahead of the boys.

The remainder of our time following the pioneering was to dismantle the tents, begin packing all the equipment ready to fill the trailer to return it to the acorn and clearing up after lunch of cook their own burger, with apple crumble and custard to follow before the parents arrived for 3pm.

This was an easy going camp with gloriously dry warm weather on beautiful campsite with wildlife all around us including deer.

I would like to thank Anthony and Bill from the site management team and showing us their new cave experience.
Steve Corney for ferrying equipment for us.

Sean and Brian for helping with the activities.

Mark Eastman and Ian Pierce for towing the trailer to get our equipment to and from the campsite and of course my camp leaders; Richard and Chloe without their assistance and attendance the camp could not have gone ahead.

Nicole (Raksha)

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls