Discovering Adventures: A Year in the Life of 2nd Ifield Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) 2023

Date: 22nd Jan 2024 Author: Mark Eastman
Welcome to the heart of scouting excellence, where the 2nd Ifield Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) has been on an exhilarating journey of adventure, community, and support. In this post, we take you through a captivating chronicle of the diverse activities that defined the SASU’s remarkable year.
Climbing Sessions: The year kicked off with adrenaline-pumping climbing sessions, where scouts conquered new heights, building resilience and teamwork along the way. The SASU’s commitment to fostering physical and mental strength was evident in every ascent.
Shooting Sessions: Weekly shooting sessions saw scouts hone their marksmanship skills under the watchful guidance of SASU members. The sessions provided a platform for precision, safety, and the development of a sense of responsibility.
Paddle Sport Sessions (K2 Cubs and Bell Boats): Navigating the waters took on a new level of excitement with SASU-organized paddle sport sessions. From Cubs at K2 to Bell Boats, Scouts immersed themselves in aquatic adventures, forging connections with nature and each other.
Fundraising BBQs: The SASU demonstrated their dedication to the scouting cause through successful fundraising BBQs at Brinsbury College and Our Lady Queen of Heaven School’s fates. These events not only contributed to the group’s financial health but also strengthened ties within the local community.
Special Occasions: No occasion was left uncelebrated as the SASU actively participated in Mothering Sunday, Airhop adventures, Coronation Capers, and the Group’s Annual Review Meeting (AGM). Each event brought a unique touch of joy and camaraderie.
Expeditions Beyond Boundaries: The SASU embarked on noteworthy expeditions, from the National Rifle Championship at Bisley to the Yorkshire Explorer trip. The Downsman hike showcased their commitment to challenging outdoor adventures.
Civic Engagements: The SASU actively engaged with the community, contributing to the success of events like the Ifield May Fayre, Coronation Capers, and the AGM, reinforcing their commitment to community involvement.
Camps and Balls: Water Camp, SASU & Group camp, St. George’s Day Ball, and St. George’s Day Parade highlighted the SASU’s role in planning and executing large-scale events. These gatherings provided scouts with unforgettable experiences and memories.
Community Building and Celebrations: The SASU actively participated in community-building events like the Community Fireworks evening, Remembrance Sunday, and the Group’s quiz night. The festive spirit came alive during the Carol Service, SASU Christmas dinner, and the refreshing Boxing Day canoeing session.
Diverse Support Roles: Beyond event management, the SASU played crucial roles in managing waiting lists, handling Gift Aid, and actively supporting various section meetings. Whether it was rafting, rope making, hikes, or tomahawk sessions, the SASU was there to enrich every scouting experience.
In Conclusion: As the curtain falls on a year filled with adventure, community spirit, and unwavering support, the 2nd Ifield Scout Active Support Unit (SASU) stands as a beacon of scouting excellence. With dedication, enthusiasm, and a commitment to the scouting ethos, the SASU paves the way for even greater adventures in the years to come.
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls