Chestnut Beaver Scout Winter Camp 2022

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 Author: Scout Websites

Chestnut Beavers held their winter camp at Copthorne Scout and Guide HQ at the end of January. The evening started with the Beavers putting up their tent inners and getting their beds ready.

The Beavers then went on to make their cars for the drive through movie evening. Several rolls of sellotape later and after lots of creative ideas, the cars were ready for the movie.

Beavers had a log chew a few weeks ago and shortlisted three films, they then used voting sheets to vote for the film they wanted. Toy Story won! Before the film, Beavers had hotdogs and then got ready for bed and drove to the movie and settled down with their popcorn for the film, which they all enjoyed. Then it was teeth and bed. Beavers were excited to be in their tents and chatted and read for a while and had several visits to the toilet and were all asleep by 11.30pm!

Beavers had a lay in and most were up at 7.40am. We put the lay in down to very good blackout blinds! After getting dressed and packing their bags, tents were taken down and Mole made the bacon rolls. After breakfast the Beavers played with the lego, had parachute games and made bird cakes.

We all then went off for a walk around the village, via the shop for ice lollies (who knew we would want ice lollies in January!). Beavers had great fun playing in the park and on the basketball court.

We got back to the HQ and the Beavers went home. We had a great camp and the Beavers were brilliant. Looking forward to our summer camp in May.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls