A New Group Scout Leader – December 2021

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 Author: Scout Websites

Before a new Group Scout Leader is appointed an existing one has stepped down.

We are sorry that due to changes in time available Kerry Pearson is having to stop being our Group Scout Leader from the end of the year. Kerry has given a lot to the group and steered us through some difficult times with the pandemic. Under her leadership the group has grown to be the largest group in the district, but not only in numbers but also in the opportunities we offer to the young people. The Group will always be thankful to have had Kerry as our GSL, but we are not letting Kerry disappear as she will remain a member of the Scout Active Support Unit.

The great news is we have Craig Edwards becoming our new Group Scout Leader from 1st January 2022. This is with agreement of both the District Commissioner and County Commissioner. With the hand over at the end of the year, means the group is privileged not to have any time without a Group Scout Leader.

For those that don’t know Craig, he has been Akela for over 20 years during which he has been privileged to see a large number of Cubs gain lifelong skills and experiences as well as some great achievements and being GSL he knows he can now experience this first hand across all the sections which for him is a huge opportunity. He has also been fortunate to have spent 5 years as District Commissioner for Cubs which provided significant insight into the other groups in the district as well as the County. This combined with his love for outdoor adventure and excitement he feels puts him in a great position for taking the group forward into 2022 and beyond.

Craig’s family are all scouting with his two sons both having been through the group and are both Queen’s Scouts. His wife Linda has been on numerous Cub camps and is a member of our Scout Active Support unit.

Craig said “Being as successful as we are which is down to all the hard work, commitment and dedication of all of our members and volunteers is brilliant but maintaining this level and not becoming complacent is equally hard and you will see the Group has again put together a great varied programme for all the sections in 2022 as well as looking to offer additional opportunities across other activities including water sports, climbing, shooting and of course the Duke of Edinburgh awards. I can assure you all that I will support the other leaders and adult helpers in making sure that we offer the best possible programme and opportunities to everyone in our Group. ”

The Group looks forward working with Craig to carry on the great work of Kerry and develop the group further.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls