Explorer Belt – New Zealand 2011

Explorer BeltExplorer BeltExpedition Dates:
18th June – 1st August 2011

New Zealand, North and South Island, main base Auckland, North Island

Charlotte Schillinger, Kim Fuggle


Background Information

Outline of Programme

18th June: Leave the UK

20th June: Arrive in Auckland, New Zealand

Stay in Auckland from 20th – 26th June

Proposed Activities:

  • 20th to 22rd June: Trip to hot pools in Waiwera, volunteering at a homeless shelter, rover service activities, a Hike, sailing Regatta and sight seeing around the local area with Kati and her Rovers
  • 23rd June- Cannoning
  • 24th to 26th June: Hike up Kauranga with Andrew and Simon and their Rover scouts
  • 26th June: Scout sailing regatta with kati


27th June: Travel from Auckland to Taupo

Stay in Taupo from 27th June – 3rd July

Proposed Activities:

  • 27th – 3rd July: Do a community project with the local Maori pre-school and primary school.
  • Visit a Maori family and learn more about their daily life and culture, staying for a meal.
  • Sight seeing around the local area
  • Meeting 1st Taupo Scout Group
  • 1st July- Sky diving with Freefall


4th July: Travel from Taupo to Wellington

Stay in Wellington from 4th – 10th July

Proposed Activities:

  • 4th – 10th July: Visit Government buildings and National museums, meet local Rover and Scout Groups, sight seeing, roller blading along the Waterfront, kayaking, hiking in the surrounding area, seal watching, cable car ride, helping out at a local Scout Group. Weka workshop – Lord of the Rings.


11th July: Travel from Wellington to Christchurch

Stay in Christchurch from 11th – 17th July

Proposed Activities:

  • Skiing/Hiking
  • 12th – 17th July: Hiking around the Arthurs and Lewis Pass, bouldering and climbing, sailing in the Banks Peninsula, skiing and helping at a local cub pack


18th July: Travel from Christchurch to Queenstown

Stay in Queenstown from 18th – 24th July

Proposed Activities:

  • 18th – 24th July: sight seeing around local town, meeting local Rover Scouts, cycle trip to Maletown and overnight camping trip with Rover scouts (21st – 22nd July), water rafting down the Shotover River
  • 20th July- Bungee Jumping


25th July: Travel from Queenstown to Franz Josef

Stay in Franz Josef from 25th – 26th July

Proposed Activities:

  • 26th July: Full day Franz Josef Glacier Experience


27th July: Travel from Franz Josef to Nelson

Stay in Nelson from 27th – 28th July


28th July: Travel from Nelson to Wellington

Stay in Wellington from 28th – 29th July


29th July: Travel from Wellington to Auckland

Stay in Auckland from 29th – 31st July


31st July: Travel from Auckland International Airport to UK

Ten Surprise Project For Kim and Charlotte

For each project you will need to produce evidence that you completed the project through engaging with local people face to face and not through the internet or similar sources.

  1. Find a uniquely New Zealand / Maori dish and get someone to teach you how to cook it from scratch. (It would be great if you could cook it when you come home at the presentations evening). Therefore you need be careful with what ingredients are involved).
  2. Get photographed in uniform with a member of the New Zealand parliament or a local Mayor and get them to talk about their role.
  3. Visit a local school group or youth club (not a Scout Group) and talk to the young people about there perceptions of scouting.
  4. Watch a rugby match live at any level and discuss with the coach or a fan why New Zealand are number one in the world.
  5. Meet someone that has settled in New Zealand from the UK and discuss with them what they found hardest about moving to New Zealand.
  6. Produce a series of photos that demonstrates the impact and the recovery from the Christchurch earthquake on historical buildings and on the lives of local people
  7. Learn the first two verses of both New Zealand’s National Anthems and perform it in front of a New Zealand cub/scout leader (at least one verse should be sung in Maori). Get them to sign a piece of paper that you have performed it to their satisfaction.
  8. Visits a local sheep farm and meet with the farmer discuss the importance of the UK market to the sheep industry in New Zealand and try and find sheep with a UK connections eg breed of sheep originating in the UK.
  9. When in Queenstown meet with some involved in the making of Lord of the Rings and discuss the impact on the local area.
  10. Collect as many words used in New Zealand English that are unique to New Zealand or New Zealand words that have passed in to wider English. (For example American English use sidewalk instead of pavement or South Africans have brai instead of BBQ.)

In addition to the challenges above the District Commission has set his own personal challenge for Kim and Charlotte to learn the New Zealand Haka