London Monopoly Run 2024

Date: 15th Apr 2024 Author: Mark Eastman

On Saturday 13th April 11 Explorer Scouts and 11 adult members travelled to London to play monopoly. Taking part in the Scout London Monopoly run, they travelled around London visiting many landmarks across, mainly, Central London, taking photos as proof and answering the questions from the location.

Traveling by foot or public transport (but no Cars, taxis, or bikes) they visited Paddington in the North-West, Battersea in the South-West, Tower Bridge in the South-East (although there was one location in Greenwich!) and Bounds Green in the North-East.

Along with the locations there were additional Community Chest and Chance Card Photos to get, including with a policeman, street entertainer and in a phone box

Having left Three Bridges at 7am and checking in at Bounds Green, each of the four teams (2 Explorers and 2 Adult) travelled around London covering about over 25 km on foot plus public transport for 9 hours, and returning to Bounds Green. After returning to ‘Go’ we all took out tired bodies back to Three Bridges, finally returning about 9pm.

Congratulations to the Explorer Teams who came 75th and 165th out of 246 teams, and the Adult teams who came 30th and 37th out of 69 Adult teams.

A great day, and well organised event, the Young people are already planning for next year!

Full  set of photos in the gallery

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls