Scout Log Cabin Camp

7th – 9th January 2022

Having arrived at Blacklands Farm on Friday night the leaders were joined by the massive horde of Scouts. The general chaos ensued as we sorted out accommodation and the basic rules of camp. A simple dinner was followed but a bit of wide games and then bed but not sleep! Some hours later and many warnings they were asleep.

Saturday arrived with the rain! The Scouts were up and the working party put together a fine breakfast and the washing up was done in a timely fashion. The Scouts were split into two groups one went abseiling and one fired off some bottle rockets. This was dampened a little by the rain but undertaken with enthusiasm. We came back in to warm up and dry off. The Scouts all then made themselves commemorative pillow cases with the best ones winning prizes. The rain stopped so we shot back outside to swap the groups. Having come back in the Scouts were given the challenge of creating and putting on a sock puppet play. After getting the Scouts to make and eat their own pizzas we then had the very interesting puppet show! Another night of bed but somewhat limited sleep brought us to the Sunday.

Again a fine and hot breakfast was produced and then off on a hike. The Scouts did a lovely four mile walk in fine weather. Back to the hut for a bite to eat clear up and then departure.

Hopefully a great camp was had by all, it was great to even be able to have a camp. The planning for Theme Park camp 6th – 8th May is in its advanced stages.