Covid-19 Update

An update on the current situation with the Scout Association and our return to some near-normality.

If you have not already seen Scouting is now moving towards relaxing the restrictions for face to face meetings, in very controlled and safe manner. We have 4 levels in which differing rules and processes apply.

  • Red: Rate of infection is remaining consistent or growing.
    Impact on Scouts: Digital programme delivery, no face-to-face activities or meetings, no residential experiences
  • Amber: Rate of infection is reducing consistently in all parts of the country.
    Impact on Scouts: Digital programme delivery, small group sessions can take place outdoors, no residential activities
  • Yellow: Number of cases low and decreasing, full Track and Trace system in place.
    Impact on Scouts: Digital programme delivery, small group sessions can take place indoors and outdoors, no residential activities
  • Green: No new cases or a vaccine is readily available.
    Impact on Scouts: All activities can resume in line with Government guidance.

We have now moved from Red to Amber which now allows (with District approval) for us to meet face to face outdoors, in small groups, although social distancing will still need to be observed. No Camps can take place currently at Amber level.

Crawley District have overall approval of when we can move to meeting face to face, and with activities such as Kayaking, and our Leaders and sections are working through their Covid-19 risk assessments and procedures. These need to be submitted to the District Commissioner and her team before approval is given.

We do hope some of our young people will be able to have some face to face scouting this summer. This is optional for members, their parents and carers and for our Leaders, some of whom have been shielding.

The team at 2nd Ifield are very keen to get us all back to face to face meetings asap and we are working hard to ensure the Risk Assessments are completed and signed off as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on your emails, and the facebook group, for information from the Sections and Activity teams and we hope to have some positive news and dates for your diaries soon.

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