Scout Log Cabin Camp

The huge group of Scouts arrived promptly on Friday night. We squeezed into the building and started camp. A quick bit of dinner was followed before early to bed (but not sleep).

The next morning we headed out early to do some abseiling. The Scouts some of whom hadn’t done it before were brilliant and everyone made it done without issue.

We headed back into the building and made some camp themed t-shirts while warming up. After lunch we braved the outdoors again and did low ropes. After heading back and warming up again we undertook the camp tradition of making pizza. After epic amounts of pizza was consumed the Scouts were off to bed.

Sunday morning saw us head out on foot and do a short hike. Once back we had a quick bite to eat and headed out to the fields for a bit of bottle rockets. A quick clean up followed then off home for a wash and sleep.