Survival Camp 2019

This was my first survival camp, there were ups and downs to this camp but on the whole it was good, so good I have decided to go next year. When I arrived at Stanford Campsite everyone else had already been there for a couple of hours and in that time the shelters base had been built. All we had left to do was cut lots and lots and lots of bracken. I cut most of the fern with my pen knife, but it went blunt very quickly. So, with our scouting initiative, my group found a way of sharpening it having found a brick to sharpened it on it. Later that day a boy from the other group said his knife was blunt so we gave him our spare brick so he could sharpen his. For dinner that evening we had chicken, corn and a potato, all of which we wrapped in foil and put them on the fire. Having eaten dinner some of us made pizza, mine was so burned I only ate the topping but when I showed James he just shrugged and ate it [this is one of the signs that you’re in the presence of a Scout Leader]. After a lot of cutting bracken and even more back pain our shelter was nearly ready for us humans to enter. Once it was to our standards we called Sinead [Scout Leader] over to check but she said it had too many light beams entering, so we fixed it but she always found another source of light we didn’t know how important getting rid of the holes was. During the night one girl had a panic attack and another was nervous and they both wanted to leave. I was looked upon for support and help to get to where the leaders were after we talked with the leaders I sat outside with the girl for a few minutes to cheer her up she said she needed something to make her happy and laugh so we talked about things including the highlights of the day and worst part of the day. One of the not so good parts of the day was ‘capture the flag’, as it got dark so quickly when you’re trying to sneak though bushes to get a flag it becomes impossible to see, so during that time we got freaked out by even the smallest sound. After a few minutes of this we went back into our shelter and slept. When we woke up, we opened the door, which by the time was nearly non-existent as it had collapsed from over use, then went to have breakfast. For breakfast we had grapefruit, which I didn’t even know I liked, boiled eggs in a can and bread twists again cooked in the fire. Following breakfast we all left camp to return home for a well required shower thanks to the camp fire. Thank you James and Sinead for a great camp. Lauren

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