Scout Camp

On Saturday morning 12 scouts and 4 leaders travelled to Dartmoor. The scouts were split into 2 patrols. When we arrived each patrol put up the dining shelters and tents. During the week, everyone learned how to cook breakfast and dinner, wash up and tidy away.

On a lovey summer day we all went to Torquay where a lot of ice cream and slushies were bought! Another day was spent rock climbing on real rocks and some scouts were brave enough to abseil down. Lots of fun was had at one of the largest outday water parks in the UK, after we went to the water park the leaders bought us a takeaway Woodlands theme park was another adventurous day. While we there, there was a dance competition for adults, and Laura won by doing Irish dancing.

We went to the beach and swam but unfortunately it was raining for part of the time we were on a beach At the campsite the leaders created a slip & slide and had to hose us down after we went on it.

At the end of our last day we went to Toby Carverry for a meal. When we got back to the Scout HQ the leaders gave us each an ovtopus toy to keep as a reminder of our fantastic holiday.


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